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Christmas Edie.jpg

I make ceramic dogs in earthenware, mainly hounds because of their divine features, elegant stance and pointy noses.

I also write knitting books, with Sally Muir, mainly animal books, two for dogs with 50 breeds in all, there are seven in the BEST IN SHOW series and three more knitting books.  The most recent DOGS ON JUMPERS, is just that.


Until very recently Sally Muir and I had a cashmere knitwear business called MUIR and OSBORNE,

I have a new muse, a three year old rescue Whippet Bedlington called Edie.

My 'Vulnerable Greyhound' was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019....centre stage in the first room.

I co-ordinate a popular Open House during the Brighton Festival. Every other year I fill the ground floor of my house with over 200 pieces of dog art. Artists include Sally Muir, Felted Fido, Lorraine Corrigan, Holy Smoke, Me and many more.

In the early days of Warm and Wonderful,  Sally and I designed the now famous red sheep jumper, worn by Princess Diana among others. It's now back and VIRAL. Available in collaboration with us, from

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